Bon Jovi Top Tour Earnings Chart

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Bon Jovi Top Tour Earnings Chart
Last month, we noted that there were too few rock artists in Forbes' most influential musicians list, which measured success in terms of album sales and social media presence. However, when it comes to tour sales, it seems that rock artists are still the winners.

Pollstar has named Bon Jovi as the most successful tour earner in the past six months, with the band having made $142.1 million in ticket sales. In second place is Bruce Springsteen, with the Rolling Stones rounding out third place.

Yet, while rock acts fill out the top three, established bands such as Eric Clapton, the Who and Neil Young are still being pipped to the post by the pop stars when it comes to live concerts. Those veteran acts, while still selling well, were outsold by Justin Bieber ($69.9m in six months), Pink ($61.1m) and Taylor Swift ($58.5m).

The complete Top 10 Tour Earnings list is:

1. Bon Jovi - $142.1m (ATP*: $95.60) 2. Bruce Springsteen - $103.9m (ATP: $107.19) 3. Rolling Stones - $87.7m (ATP: $346.09) 4. Fleetwood Mac - $59.1m (ATP: $107.80) 5. Paul McCartney - $43.5m (ATP:$129.58) 6. Eric Clapton - $28.4m (ATP: $89.18) 7. Muse - $25.1m (ATP: $56.92) 8. The Who - $23.5m (ATP: $98.36) 9. Neil Young - $19.1m (ATP: $97.88) 10. Dave Matthews - $18.6m (ATP: $55.87)

*Average Ticket Price
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