Bon Jovi Under Fire: Did Skid Row Steal Name?

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Bon Jovi Under Fire: Did Skid Row Steal Name?
Out of the blue, a member of the "original" Skid Row is claiming the hit 80s band stole his band name - and he wants Jon Bon Jovi to give him answers. Stick with us, and this will make sense. Bon Jovi helped his old friend Dave Sabo get a record deal with Atlantic in 1988, who had formed a band under the title Skid Row, fronted by Sebastian Bach. By 1989, Skid Row released a self-titled album which went 5x platinum, turning them into global megastars. The only problem was that a band already existed with the same band name, and they weren't the nobodies you might expect. In fact, they were huge names in their own right, with American tours and would even top the bill above the likes of Iggy & The Stooges and Rod Stewart. Two members, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore, went on to form Thin Lizzy. Now bassist Brendan "Brush" Shiels from the original band is after answers, because he doesn't understand how the latter Skid Row could use the name legally. "A couple of years ago, I'm looking at MTV, having a look at this guy Sebastian Bach; somebody asked him a question and he said they paid Gary Moore $35,000 for the use of the name," explains Shiels in a video (via Henne Music). "Now, I know for fact that this is a lie." In the video embedded below, Shiels explains that Bon Jovi investigated more about buying the name by contacting Gary Moore, who in turn said to speak to Shiels. It would now seem that Shiels was never contacted. Shiels continued: "All I'm saying is, Jon Bon Jovi if you'd like to contact me or one of your representatives and explain what happened, and why these guys got to use the name Skid Row without contacting me. Because, when I tried to contact you, I found it impossible most of the time. "Jon, if you're out there - from one rock professional to another give us a call." We're not lawyers, but it sounds like Shiels and co could be in for a hefty payout if rights to the Skid Row name weren't properly secured.
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