Bono Invites Blind Man On Stage To Perform

artist: u2 date: 07/06/2011 category: general music news
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Bono Invites Blind Man On Stage To Perform
Bono often gets a bad press - whether it's for dodging tax bills, or writing musicals that the press hate - but last weekend he showed the audience on U2's record-breaking tour that underneath the reports, he's a good guy. According to Spinner, it was at their show in Nashville on July 2nd that Bono spotted a man in the audience with a sign asking to perform a song for his wife. So during the encore, Bono invited the man (who turned out to be blind) onto the stage for a performance of "All I Want Is You". "Get a guitar for this dude. Gents, we have a surprise guest," Bono told the band and crew. After helping the man up the steps, Bono gave him his own guitar, with the man stating "I'm really nervous, man!" It was a touching moment for the man, his wife and all those at the stadium that night. You can watch a clip of the tear-jerking on-stage partnership below.
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