Bruce Dickinson's Flight Simulator: Giving Maiden Fans Their '666 Wings'

artist: Bruce Dickinson date: 12/14/2011 category: general music news
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Bruce Dickinson's Flight Simulator: Giving Maiden Fans Their '666 Wings'
Through the magic of computers, Bruce Dickinson is giving fans a chance to see what he sees during some of his most exhilarating moments. As anyone familiar with Iron Maiden's high-flying frontman might have guessed, his isn't a rock 'n' roll simulator - though that would be pretty great - but rather a flight simulator. A licensed commercial pilot who has flown his long-running British metal band all over the world, Dickinson has installed a state-of-the-art training module at London's Heathrow Airport, where he's been giving lessons to members of Maiden's fan club, reports. Video has surfaced of the simulator, and as the clip below suggests, it's fairly realistic. "I can't wait to sit in the simulator with fans and share the buzz of what it is really like to fly a modern passenger jet such as Flight 666 and all the challenges that entails," Dickinson said in a press release last month, referencing the call sign of Ed Force One, the Boeing 757 he used for several tours. "You too could earn your 666 wings", the video proclaims, flashing a bada-s "Flight 666 Crew" embroidered patch as added incentive. Sign us up! Watch footage of Bruce Dickinson's flight simulator:
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