Chris Cornell Defends 'Scream'

artist: chris cornell date: 03/24/2009 category: general music news
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Chris Cornell Defends 'Scream'
Chris Cornell has defended his new Timbaland-produced album "Scream". The album has been lambasted by fans, critics and even Cornell's fellow musicians. Earlier this month, Trent Reznor called "Scream" "embarrassing" on his Twitter page. In an interview with, Cornell said he wasn't surprised at people's reaction towards "Scream. "Older American fans don't like it because they are typically my core fans that really supported me in Soundgarden and really loved that band," he said. "To them that's kind of who I am, I'm that guy in that band, and I'm that guy who wrote those songs." He went on to praise "Scream". He said: "I'm thrilled with the album that I made. I think it's really exciting, I have listened to it as much or more than any album I have ever made." He added: "As a song writer and creative person, I have to do what makes me happy. That changes, it goes into different worlds." Thanks for the report to
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