Christopher Lee: 'I Was Given the Gift of an Opera Singer, I Regret Never Becoming One'

artist: Christopher Lee date: 05/23/2014 category: general music news
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Christopher Lee: 'I Was Given the Gift of an Opera Singer, I Regret Never Becoming One'
Acting legend Sir Christopher Lee recently shared the story behind his musical journey, explaining how he had inherited the voice of an opera singer and sharing regrets of never becoming one.

Telling a story of traveling to Stockholm, Sweden, Lee revealed that opera legend Jussi Bjorling had once told him how he clearly possesses the talent and could easily become a top-class opera singer one day.

However, Christopher could not afford to stay in Sweden for such a long time, leaving the full-on singing career an unfulfilled dream.

"It was a great dream of mine, but I never became a singer. And I greatly regret it, because I was given this gift," the 91-year-old actor said.

But looking on where's he's at right now, Lee noted that acting career is working out for him better. "There's no question about it, if I had become an opera singer, I would have probably stopped singing about 20 years ago, I just couldn't have gone on.

"I'm still acting and I just made this album ['Charlemagne: The Omens of Death'], so it's never too late. I'm still acting in films and I'm still using my voice and I am singing," the legend concluded.

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