Courtney Love: 'I Should Be Dead a Million Times Over'

artist: courtney love date: 02/21/2014 category: general music news
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Courtney Love: 'I Should Be Dead a Million Times Over'
Sharing love advice with fans, Courtney Love pointed out that "fate is bulls--t," explaining how she should've been dead some time ago, but managed to go through it all by taking matters into her own hands.

"I think that fate is bulls--t," she kicked off. "I think that yeah, there is a fate, but you can change your destiny. I'm 49 and I should've probably not lived through any of this. Look, I mean, I'm a buddhist, I chant, and I believe absolutely that I should be dead a million times over.

"I lived in San Francisco during the worst of the AIDS epidemic and I mean, there's a million different reasons I can give you for just even that period. I shouldn't even be sitting here. That's why I chant. I chant because I know I can change my karma," Courtney explained.

I related news, Love has recently announced that Hole is "slowly, steadily" getting back on track with its classic lineup.

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