David Bowie 'Offers to Write New Songs With Oscar Winner'

artist: david bowie date: 03/07/2014 category: general music news
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David Bowie 'Offers to Write New Songs With Oscar Winner'
David Bowie has reportedly offered to write new music with Claudia Lennear, a former backing singer and star of Oscar winning documentary "20 Feet From Stardom," NME reports.

Lennear revealed that Bowie, with whom she was romantically linked in the 1970s, called her "out of the blue" to offer his services and that she intends to take him up on the proposal. The backing singer, who is said to have inspired Bowie's song "Lady Grinning Soul," told the New York Post that she has been shocked by the success the film in which she stars has brought.

"I got a call from David Bowie out of the blue two days ago," she said. "I couldn’t believe it when I first heard his voice. We haven't seen each other in 20 years ... He told me he wanted to write my next project."

"This is bringing so many gifts back from my past," she added, before saying that she "will definitely hold David [Bowie] to his promise."

Lennear has previously performed with musicians such as George Harrison, Ike and Tina Turner and Joe Cocker and is also said to have inspired the Rolling Stones' song "Brown Sugar." She released one solo album, "Phew!," in 1973.

On March 2, "20 Feet From Stardom," which takes an in-depth look at the lives of back-up singers, was named Best Documentary at the 2014 Academy Awards.
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