David Gilmour To Perform 'Atom Heart Mother' With Tribute Band

artist: david gilmour date: 06/03/2008 category: general music news
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David Gilmour To Perform 'Atom Heart Mother' With Tribute Band
David Gilmour is to perform Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' live this month - with a Pink Floyd covers band. The instrument suite from the prog legend's fifth album - and first UK Number One - is being performed as part of the Chelsea Festival at Cadogan Hall on June 14 and 15 by its co-composer Ron Geesin. The show will feature a 10-piece brass ensemble from The Royal College Of Music, cellist Caroline Dale, Canticum - a 40-strong chorus - and Italian Pink Floyd tribute band Mun Floyd. However Geesin has revealed today (June 2) that Pink Floyd guitarist Gilmour will take part in the second performance on June 15. 'The Atom Heart Mother Suite', is a six part instrumental that featured on side one of the band's album 'Atom Heart Mother'. Credits for the info to NME.com.
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