DevilDriver Frontman: 'Groping Crowd-Surfing Females Is Tantamount to Rape'

artist: DevilDriver date: 06/27/2014 category: general music news
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DevilDriver Frontman: 'Groping Crowd-Surfing Females Is Tantamount to Rape'
DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara recently took a strong stance against groping female members of the audience during rock shows, calling it an equivalent of rape.

Asked by Rockersphere to comment on Staind frontman Aaron Lewis' recent show-stopping stage rant addressing a group of gropers in the audience, Fafara commented:

"First of all, Aaron and I are good friends, but I'm not familiar with the incident which you are talking about. But I will speak on the groping of females in the pit or if they're crowd surfing.

"I mean, of course, it's wrong - it's completely wrong - and if I see it, I'll stop a show for sure. Gentlemen should be just that - gentlemen," Dez continued (via Blabbermouth). "That's why we're in there, and that's why metal people are in there - to have a good time, not to be groping people; that's tantamount to rape.

"So no, I'm not into that one bit. And if I do see someone doing that, I will stop the crowd. I don't put up with any of that kind of sh-t."

You can check out Lewis' rant from this year's Rockfest in Kansas City in the clip below.

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