Devin Townsend Working on 'Ziltoid' Musical, Premiere Set for April

artist: Devin Townsend date: 07/09/2014 category: general music news
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Devin Townsend Working on 'Ziltoid' Musical, Premiere Set for April
Devin Townsend has announced a major "Ziltoid Musical" show for next year, confirming an April 13 performance live at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

The event will take place after the release of Hevy Devy's new double album "Ziltoid 2," with more specific details yet to come.

"You may have read it on the net already but Devin's announcement at Sonisphere UK last weekend was true; next year April 13th a very special one-off show starring the wonderfully omniscient Ziltoid will be held at the highly prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, UK," the Facebook announcement reads.

"More details will be revealed in due time and tickets will go on sale soon. PS: Many you may wonder why all the cool shows go to London? The simple answer is that shows with this sort of production require venues with a high capacity and there's no other city in the world where we can sell out a thing like this.

"Hopefully in the near future, and with all your help, we can add more countries to the list of Hevy Devy loving nations so we can make more shows of this magnitude possible," the release concludes.

Furthermore, Townsend has shared a brief sneak peak behind the scenes, unveiling a Twitter photo of what is described as the construction process of Ziltoid's ship. Check it out below and stay tuned for more updates.

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