Doug Aldrich Leaves Whitesnake

artist: whitesnake date: 05/13/2014 category: general music news
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Doug Aldrich Leaves Whitesnake
Doug Aldrich has left Whitesnake after 11 years in the band, Classic Rock reports.

However, reports that the guitarist will be going solo are reportedly unfounded. Aldrich, who is formerly a member of the Burning Rain, Dio and House of Lords, had recorded two studio albums with Whitesnake since joining in 2003.

Alrdrich released the following statement about his departure:

"Thanks to my big bro David [Coverdale] for such a killer run together - so many songs, tours, projects, always inspiring and pushing each other.

"Mostly I want to thank the loyal Whitesnake choir and fans around the world. You have been so amazing to me and it's been an honour to play for you. I'll see you all again."

David Coverdale last night tweeted: "It is with a heavy heart we bid adieu to super guitarist Doug Aldrich who is leaving to pursue a solo career. Fare thee well, my brother!"

However, Aldrich responded that the solo career statement was unfounded: "Not sure how or where the info started about a solo career, but this is not true or correct information. I have no plans at this time to go solo. I'm just not in the Whitesnake/David Coverdale band any more."

Coverdale has also dispelled claims that there was bad blood between him and his former band mate: "I celebrate the amazing time we spent together. I had the best of times with him. I honour his decision to follow his ambitions and dreams. There is absolutely no ill feeling. I truly love what we achieved together."

An official statement from the pair is expected soon.
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