Econoline Crush Suing Nickelback For Copyright Infringement

artist: nickelback date: 02/10/2011 category: general music news
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Econoline Crush Suing Nickelback For Copyright Infringement
Vancouver industrial rockers Econoline Crush are suing their west coast colleagues Nickelback for copyright infringement. In papers that were filed Monday in the Central District California Court, Econoline Crush claim Nickelback's "Figured You Out" from their 2003 The Long Road album "bears a substantial similarity" to their own song "All That You Are," from Econoline's platinum-selling 1997 The Devil You Know LP. Roadrunner Records, Warner-Chappell Music and EMI Canada, which used to have Econoline Crush on their domestic roster along with Nickelback, are also listed among the defendants. The suit alleges the Kroeger group copped the Crush song "maliciously and willfully and with a conscious disregard" for EC's domestic hit single. Econoline are seeking "all damages permitted by Federal copyright law" including actual damages and defendants' profits, along with statutory and punitive damages. Neither side are commenting on the issue. So, does the Crush claim have any merit? Decide for yourself: For more details visit
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