Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist: 'I Like Vinyl More Than Mp3 Because Nobody Can Steal It'

artist: Five Finger Death Punch date: 03/18/2014 category: general music news
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Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist: 'I Like Vinyl More Than Mp3 Because Nobody Can Steal It'
Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook recently took a light jab at illegal downloaders, basically calling them thieves.

Chatting with Metal Hammer, Jason was asked to choose between Mp3 and vinyl, to which he replied, "I'll go vinyl just because nobody stole vinyl back then."

Drummer Jeremy Spencer chipped in with a laugh, adding, "You couldn't download vinyl and steal it, right? I like vinyl because of the whole - staring at the album cover and if they opened up and had a gatefold, I always thought that was cool. And they got posters inside and more stuff to look at. Bigger is better in this case too."

During the rest of the chat, the pair discussed singer Ivan Moody's peculiar habit of vomiting before shows. "Ivan vomits on us sometimes," Jeremy explained. "He always vomits before we go on, it's a nerve thing or whatever with him. He would totally barf. And it like splashes on my leg. 'Thanks dude, the trash can was right there. Instead, you barfed on me, thank you!' And that's happened numerous times."

The latest FFDP studio effort, "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2," saw its release in November 2013 via Prospect Park.

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