Gibson Makes 9/11 Anniversary Guitars For Charity

artist: Gibson date: 09/14/2011 category: general music news
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The factory workers at Gibson USA's Nashville plant personally recognized the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11th, 2001, by creating three very special guitars. Each of these Les Paul Traditionals feature a custom laser etching designed by Gibson's top craftsmen. The luthiers started with one of Gibson's famous Les Paul Traditionals with a gloss Ebony finish. They then created a line drawing for the unique artwork of each guitar that was then loaded into a computer controlled laser to create an engraving into the wood of the guitar body. This ensures that the artwork is a permanent part of the guitar, as opposed to simply being a part of the finish. The first in this series of three is entitle, Never Forget. This guitar displays the Twin Towers standing prominently in the New York skyline. The second guitar in the series is entitled, Always Honor. It is a tribute from the employees of Gibson to those first responders who gave so much of themselves, including their lives, to protect others. The final guitar in the series is entitled, Forever Free. This guitar has a stunning representation of New York's future skyline, with the Freedom Tower proudly standing tall. The guitars will travel the USA this year, being played by a variety of artists, before being auctioned for charity on 9/11/12 to benefit families of 9/11 first responders. For more guitar pictures please visit
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