GN'R Plan Late Shows In Advance

artist: guns n roses date: 05/30/2012 category: general music news
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GN'R Plan Late Shows In Advance
One of the Guns N' Roses road crew members has revealed that the band are intentionally late to their shows - and even tell staff to arrive hours after their scheduled performances. The news is an insult to fans who are left standing for hours while the band intentionally wait backstage. One of the roadies revealed to Classic Rock that the band told staff not to start setting up the stage until two hours after the scheduled performance: "They called us in at 9am and said the call-back would be at 12.30am, when it was meant to have been 10.30pm," said the roadie. "Our job was to help load the band's gear out into 10 articulated lorries. You would normally expect to go back about half an hour before the band finishes playing, so you're ready to get to work the moment they come off. "That means Guns n'Roses knew at 9am they weren't going to finish playing until at least 1am and actually they finished at 1.30." Late appearances have frustrated GN'R audiences for years. In 2002, a promoter cancelled a show in Philadelphia when he band didn't show up, which prompted a riot. It took until 2012 for Axl to apologise, where he admitted being sued for "everything I own." This week, many fans in Manchester were forced to leave to catch transport before the band even arrived, with Gigwise reporting that 40 percent of the audience leaving before the show had finished. Representatives for the band couldn't comment on the matter, but the news revealed by their roadie could lead to scores of fans calling for an explanation. Axl - this has gone on long enough, and your fans deserve better. It's time your band paid them more respect.
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