Great Things Will Happen for Faith No More in 2015, Band Hints

artist: faith no more date: 08/21/2014 category: general music news
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Great Things Will Happen for Faith No More in 2015, Band Hints
Faith No More's reunion tour has again come to and end, but this time with an apparently much brighter future.

If the new material they played this summer wasn't a big enough hint, the group posted the following tweet yesterday:

The exact meaning of the tweet is a subject to speculation, it could mean anything from new tours to new album. Faith No More have previously hinted at new music and even played two new songs live recently.

Clearly, they're not just practicing old tunes but jamming on some new ones, maybe enough for a full album? But it also could be more gigs – they've already been confirmed for 2015's Soundwave Festival in Australia but there's still a chance Mike Patton & co are through with reunion shows and will actually have a new album to promote.

Do you think Faith No More could come up with a new record next year? Let us know in the comments.
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