Henry Rollins on Creationism: 'If You Want to Believe Humans Walked With Dinosaurs, That's Fine With Me'

artist: Henry Rollins date: 03/17/2014 category: general music news
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Henry Rollins on Creationism: 'If You Want to Believe Humans Walked With Dinosaurs, That's Fine With Me'
Henry Rollins has been talking about Creationism in his LA Weekly blog.

As the former Black Flag frontman notes, if parents want to teach creationism to their kids, there's nothing he can do about it:

"After Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the merits of creationism and evolution weeks ago, I got a lot of letters asking if I had watched them. I had not. I had no interest in a single word said by either man. If you want to believe that humans walked with dinosaurs and the planet is a few thousand years old, that is absolutely fine with me. If you want to teach this to your kids, I don't care. If states want to teach creationism in their schools, there is nothing I can do about it, so I don't sweat it."

Rollins also reflected on the recent news that an organization in Kentucky is planning to build a scale model of Noah's Ark:

"This is a fantastic endeavor, Spielbergian in scope. What other country would take this on? This is American exceptionalism and religious obedience/supremacy at its best. Chew on it, Putin! The AiG folks are the biggest dreamer-kids in the room.

"The press conference was a view into a reality completely different from mine. I don't care why they are building it. I am just really glad they are. Howard Hughes would be stoked."
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