Ian Watkins Denies Baby Rape Charges

artist: lostprophets date: 06/04/2013 category: general music news
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Ian Watkins Denies Baby Rape Charges
Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has appeared in court to deny 24 sex offence charges that involve children, and has vowed to clear his name. The 35-year-old was arrested in December last year with shocking allegations that he conspired to rape a one-year-old girl. Now details of his charges have been revealed, which include two of raping a baby, conspiracy to rape another child, assault, aiding other assault, and more of making indecent images, according to the BBC. A 24th charge is for possession of extreme pornographic images involving an animal. The alleged offences date back to 2007. At a court hearing this week, Watkins only spoke to confirm his identity. A statement from him was read outside which said: "I want to thank my family, friends and all the fans for their continued support throughout this whole ordeal. Your support gives me strength, I deny all the allegations made against me and will continue to fight to the end to clear my name." Watkins will next appear in court on Thursday.
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