In Flames Reveal Future Hopes

artist: in flames date: 08/26/2014 category: general music news
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In Flames Reveal Future Hopes
Swedish metallers In Flames say signing with Sony was a move which could expand their fan base.

The band release their 11th album "Siren Charms" via Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, on September 9 and guitarist Bjorn Gelotte is delighted with the deal.

He tells RockNLive (via Metal Hammer): "When we started recording, we didn't have a label. So when it came to thinking about having the album released, we had the possibility of having people listen to what we were doing.

"Sony were really interested. They have lots of experience and they have a different approach to certain things."

And the guitarist believes In Flames have a broad appeal that extends beyond heavy metal.

He says: "We have an album and music that is accessible to more than just the metal scene. This might be a way to combine forces and at least get people to hear about what we're doing."

The album was recorded at Hansa studios in Germany, and while the guitarist was skeptical when vocalist Anders Friden suggested the location, he says the move paid off and gave Siren Charms a "melancholic vibe."

He tells ArtistDirect: "So many classic albums have come from there. Anders felt he could get inspired or something might rub off on the band. He was certain it was important for us to do that.

"David Bowie, U2 and Depeche Mode have recorded there but I was pretty sure it wasn't going to change anything. Listening back to it now, it did. There's a certain melancholic vibe to the album that I'm note sure would've happened anywhere else."

Along with the album release, In Flames head out on European tour in October, which includes three UK dates.

Read the exclusive UG interview with Bjorn Gelotte here.
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