Incubus Guitarist and Blink-182 Drummer Join Forces in Studio: 'Great Music Coming Soon'

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Incubus Guitarist and Blink-182 Drummer Join Forces in Studio: 'Great Music Coming Soon'
Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and Blink-182 drummer Travis Baker have shared a photo from their recent studio session, confirming that a collaboration effort is on the way.

"Good times recording drums/hangin' with MichaelEinziger. Great music coming soon #OpraStudios #SelfMadeDuesPaid #DrumsDrumsDrums," Baker noted via Instagram, along with the photo below.

Einziger was quick to share the post with a reply, "Really great to hang/record last night with Travis Baker. Music on the way!"

The specific details regarding the project are yet to be unveiled, so make sure to stay tuned for more info.

As far as Blink-182 goes, the band has recently posted hints of working on a new album, revealing photo from a demo session.

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