general music news:
Duff McKagan: 'Miley Cyrus Has Been a Good Influence on Girls, She Grew Into a Strong Woman'
Former Guns N' Roses bassist praises the young pop star.

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 07:15 pm

Bruce Dickinson: Celebrities Who Are Famous for Being Stupid Seem to Have More Value Than People With Real Talent
Iron Maiden vocalist also discusses nepotism accusations against his sons, who are also singers.

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 01:13 pm

Leeds Festival Performer Claims He Was 'Locked in a Cage' by Event Security
Evian Christ says he was detained after backstage pass was confiscated.

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 08:02 am

Chrissie Hynde Sparks Outrage After Saying Female Rape Victims Should 'Take Responsibility' for What Happens to Them
"If you don't want to entice a rapist, don't wear high heels."

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 07:48 am

Sammy Hagar Hints at Possible Chickenfoot Reunion
He and Joe Satriani are messing around with song ideas "to see if [they] taste like chicken."

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 07:29 am

Soundwave Promoter: 'It Will Take 100 Lawyers 6 Months to Get Classic Guns N' Roses Line-Up Into a Rehearsal Room'
AJ Maddah debunks rumor that band's classic line-up will appear at festival.

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 07:11 am

Aerosmith Mainmen Writing Music for SpongeBob Musical
Tyler and Perry join the likes of David Bowie for cartoon musical adaptation.

POSTED: 09/01/2015 - 06:31 am

Public Enemy: 'We're the Rolling Stones of Rap'
Chuck D tells UG about sampling the rock icons.

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 06:42 pm

Chris Adler (Megadeth, Lamb of God): 'I Never Use Drum Triggers, They Cause More Problems Than They Solve'
However, the drummer doesn't see triggers as "cheating."

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 01:11 pm

Ghost: 'Most People in Western World Need to Be on Medication Because They Lack Purpose in Life'
"We are supposed to be in the zenith of our lives, but we aren't."

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 12:46 pm

Bill Ward Says 'Bad Contract' Was Also Behind His Split With Heaven & Hell
What is it with Bill Ward and contact issues?

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 09:15 am

Photos Emerge of Slayer Video Shoot Starring Danny Trejo
Band promise feature film quality video.

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 08:58 am

Bruce Dickinson Hopes 'Book of Souls' Is Not Last Iron Maiden Album
Also, check out band's new 8-bit video game.

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 08:39 am

Ozzy Osbourne Working on 'Really Special' New Album
Will singer's long promised blues record see the light of day?

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 08:22 am

Shawn Drover: Lars Ulrich Was 100% Right About Napster
Former Megadeth drummer thinks piracy is killing music industry.

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 08:10 am

David Lee Roth Stops Van Halen Show Over Beer Missile
Singer suspends New Jersey performance to have it out with crowd member.

POSTED: 08/31/2015 - 07:19 am

Slash: GN'R Reunion Stories Have Been Blown Far Out of Proportion
The guitarist's representatives respond to latest rumors.

POSTED: 08/29/2015 - 10:32 am

Lamb of God's Randy Blythe: 'Does Justin Bieber Deserve to Die?'
The frontman asks a question.

POSTED: 08/29/2015 - 09:55 am

Disturbed's Cover of 'The Sound of Silence' Is Epic and Grandiose

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 01:58 pm

Danny Trejo (AKA Machete) to Star in New Slayer Video
Machete don't text... but he listens to Slayer.

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 07:50 am

Tennis Legend John McEnroe Covers Nirvana's 'Territorial Pissings'
McEnroe performs alongside wife Patty Smyth.

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 06:36 am

Lemmy Cuts US Show Short Due to Health Concerns
Motörhead leave stage after 4 songs as frontman suffers breathing issues - with prospect of further call-offs.

POSTED: 08/28/2015 - 05:34 am

Bullet for My Valentine: ''Temper Temper' Was Slow and Boring'
The new album is nothing like it, drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas explains.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 06:42 pm

Rush: 'The Station That We Wrote 'The Spirit of Radio' About Won't Play Our Music'
The hit track was written as a nod to CFNY Radio.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 04:01 pm

Guthrie Govan: 'It's a Shame People Think Extreme Technique and Actual Music-Making are Mutually Exclusive'
"Fast playing can range all the way from the tedious to the sublime."

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 01:30 pm

Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi Locked in Glass Box to Raise Cancer Awareness
Sabbath guitarist teams up with Macmillan Cancer Support.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 09:27 am

Lemmy: The State of Rock And Roll Is 'Pretty Poor Right Now'
"We deserve something, but we ain't getting it," says Motörhead frontman.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 09:24 am

Former In Flames Guitarist Jesper Stromblad Reveals He Is Battling Severe Depression and Anxiety
Guitarist says he has been dealing with issues for over 20 years.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 09:14 am

Check Out Footage of Slash Jamming With Graveyard
Guitarist joins Swedish rockers for Black Sabbath cover.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 09:09 am

Ad For Disturbed's 'Immortalized' Pulled After On-Air Shooting of TV Reporter And Cameraman
Disturbed clip showed monstrous creature shooting several people in television station.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 09:03 am

Rammstein Launch 'Ich Tu Dir Weh' Clip
View another teaser for "In Amerika" live DVD, out next month.

POSTED: 08/27/2015 - 05:23 am

GN'R Keyboardist on Not Attending Rock Hall Induction: They Wanted Me to Buy Tickets, I Couldn't Afford Them
Also, the band's current lineup wasn't invited.

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 04:15 pm

Suicide Silence Singer: 'If You're Making Music to Make Money, You're a F--king Idiot!'
"Making an industry out of music is the most a-- backwards thing that could ever happen to humanity."

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 02:18 pm

This Is What RATM Singer Zack de la Rocha Sounds Like in 2015
Check out Zack rapping with Run the Jewels.

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 01:57 pm

Bing Is Better Than Google, at Least When It Comes to Guitar Tuning
Bing is your new best friend, guitar folks.

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 01:22 pm

Laibach: 'North Korea Is a Very Liberal Place, Where Possession of Cannabis Is Essentially Legal'
Band share their experiences of playing in North Korea in new interview.

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 09:05 am

Sean Lennon: People Only See Me as John and Yoko's Slacker Son
Musician opens up about the difficulties of having famous parents in new interview.

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 08:08 am

Marcus Mumford Says He Has 'Contingency Plan to Become a Teacher or Farmer' if Music Career Fails
Mumford and Sons frontman describes how he "still sort of feels like this is going to stop tomorrow."

POSTED: 08/26/2015 - 07:50 am

Courtney Love Pens Emotional Love Letter to Kurt Cobain, Internet Calls Her a Disgusting Murderer
"It's disgusting that you still use his death to drive attention to yourself."

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 03:59 pm

Guitar Virtuoso Tony MacAlpine Likely Battling Colon Cancer, Forced to Postpone Tour
"Doctors discovered a large mass in my intestine."

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 12:31 pm

Dave Mustaine Says He Would Not Re-Join Metallica If He Was Asked
Though he dodges question about one-off collaboration with James and Lars.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 08:42 am

Ex-Rainbow Singer Says Ritchie Blackmore Might Be 'Joking' About His Return to Rock
Graham Bonnet isn't convinced that Blackmore is planning Rainbow reunion.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 07:55 am

Disturbed's 'Immortalized' Set to Top Album Chart
Band on track for fifth consecutive number one.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 07:41 am

Megadeth, Lamb of God Onboard for Knotfest Mexico
Slipknot-curated event set for Toluca on December 5.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 07:17 am

Rob Halford Recalls Judas Priest Subliminal Messages Trial
Frontman reflects on "tension and sadness" as band were accused of encouraging suicide pact.

POSTED: 08/25/2015 - 06:26 am

One Direction to Disband in March
Fans go cray-cray.

POSTED: 08/24/2015 - 12:35 pm

Four Years Ago, This Young Guitarist Made Video Lessons for UG, Now Chris Broderick Wants Him in His New Band
The fella goes by the name of Jake Dreyer.

POSTED: 08/24/2015 - 11:31 am

Police Defend Use of Face Scanner Technology at Download Festival Following Muse Criticism
Police respond to widespread criticism of surveillance technology use.

POSTED: 08/24/2015 - 07:15 am

Gene Simmons Reviews Lamb of God, Says Randy Blythe Sounds Like a Werewolf Trying to Sing
KISS bassist would prefer Dave Grohl style vocals for LoG.

POSTED: 08/24/2015 - 06:16 am

Samaritans Criticize Morrissey After Singer Describes Suicide as 'Admirable'
Former Smiths frontman appeared to advocate suicide in Larry King interview.

POSTED: 08/24/2015 - 06:04 am