Iron Maiden Helping Ex-Drummer With MS

artist: Iron Maiden date: 08/23/2012 category: general music news
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Iron Maiden Helping Ex-Drummer With MS
Iron Maiden actively support many charities and fund-raising events, but unlike some entertainers, they rarely speak about their efforts in this area. But there is one that remains close to the band's heart. "One of the things I can talk about, because we started it off, is our old drummer, Clive [Burr] has MS [multiple sclerosis], so we started The Clive Burr Trust," Maiden bassist and founder Steve Harris told. "Another friend of mine [Ralph] also has got it. He's in a wheelchair. We went to school with him, my oldest friend since I was 5 years old, so we helped him, but we don't normally talk too much about it." Maiden's drummer from 1979 to 1983, Burr toured and played on the group's first three studio albums, 1980's "Iron Maiden", 1981's "Killers" and 1982's "The Number Of The Beast". Burr played with other bands following his departure from Maiden, where he was replaced by Nicko McBrain, who still holds down the backbeat thirty years later. Burr was later diagnosed with MS, and the band established the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund in 2002 to help their former bandmate and friend with his ongoing bills and treatment. The band continues to raise money for it periodically. "The fans know about it and they contribute to it, and every now and again we'll do a show and just donate all the money," says Harris. "When we need to top it up, we do something." Iron Maiden recently completed a summer tour of North America. Thanks to Hennemusic for the report.
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