Jack White's New Song Going For Over $2,500 On eBay

artist: Jack White date: 04/13/2012 category: general music news
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Jack White's New Song Going For Over $2,500 On eBay
Earlier this month, the always-creative Jack White came up with yet another one of his kooky, unorthodox ideas to get out his music. White fastened "flexi disc" vinyl copies of his unreleased song, "Freedom At 21", to big, blue helium balloons and released them into the atmosphere. Now, those balloons are starting to surface. Curious who scored the tune-packed balloons? Head to Third Man Records' official website, and you'll find photos of peeps who stumbled upon the deflated objects. A few examples include an older gentleman who scored White's "flexi disc" and a family that found a bunch of records in their backyard. Of course, someone has decided to profit from the marketing trick, and eBay is currently hosting an auction for one of the discs. The seller asked for a starting price of $150, but that initial bid proved low, as in just a few days, the number has climbed to $2,556 (at press time). The bidding is set to go on for five more days, so chances are this is going to end up one very, very pricey disc. Here's the official description from eBay: "Up for bid a limited edition Jack White 'Freedom At 21' Flexi disc. These albums were released via helium balloon on April 1st I was a lucky person who found some of them. That being said I will keep one for myself and auction off the others. The album will come with the string attached as well as the post card, balloon, and album..." Find more information on the item's eBay page. White's album, "Blunderbuss", arrives on April 23. Thanks for the report to Anne Erickson, Gibson.com.
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