Jani Lane's Last Single Postponed Over Respect Calls

artist: Jani Lane date: 08/18/2011 category: general music news
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Jani Lane's Last Single Postponed Over Respect Calls
Justin Murr of Liberty N' Justice has postponed the planned release of Jani Lane's final recording, and apologised to friends and fans of the tragic singer for having appeared to act insensitively. Former Warrant singer Lane, 47, was found dead in a California hotel room last week, having struggled with alcoholism for many years. His last recorded work was the track "Sin" with Murr's band, and earlier this week it was announced the single would be made available months earlier than planned because colleagues felt people should hear it. But the move provoked a backlash and Murr has held back the release. He says: "When I woke on Tuesday morning I had 322 emails. Some stated they couldn't wait to hear the song and others were condemning me for exploiting Jani." "Included in these emails were over 30 requests from radio stations wanting the song to play as soon as possible. The last were the most convincing: they were from people close to Jani, asking me to wait till at least after the funeral." "Even before I consider myself a musician or a businessman, I am a follower of Christ, a husband and a father. The one thing that holds all these things together for me is love. The one thing I got from all those emails was love you loved Jani and his music." "With good conscience I need to allow his family, friends and fans to grieve. Once we get past that, we can then celebrate the music he helped create with Liberty N' Justice." Murr apologises for "not showing more compassion" but adds: "Anyone who really knows me knows there was not a money motivation, but more of a message motivation." "Jani helped craft the lyrics with Scott Bolan and myself, and I do believe it shows where we was spiritually at the time." "I think the chorus suits better than anything I can say: 'Let me be the man I could have been / the one you first breathed your life into / my soul in your embrace / deliver me deliver me from my sins'". Thanks for the report to RockNewsDesk.com.
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