Jason Newsted Aiming to Take the Torch From Lemmy: 'That's One of My Quests'

artist: Motörhead date: 10/02/2013 category: general music news
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Jason Newsted Aiming to Take the Torch From Lemmy: 'That's One of My Quests'
Newsted frontman Jason Newsted expressed his desire to take over the torch from legendary Lemmy Kilmister once Motorhead are no longer able to deliver live performances at the same intense rate. The singer/bassist touched on the unusual subject while discussing some of his new band's main inspirations. After naming Black Sabbath and Motorhead as top two influences on Newsted music, Jason focused on Lemmy himself. "Lemmy will live forever, whichever way he lives," he kicked off. "Spiritually, legendary, physically, whatever, he'll always be. They won't be always touring at the rate that they do - they can't. I plan on taking over that, I want to. That's kind of one of my quests, like a personal thing.

"Once that time comes, somebody needs to take over that - bring in the real f--king loud, pure music - no fluff, just the deal, just the stuff. So that's what I plan to do maybe in a weird sideways." After drawing a Grateful Dead comparison and praising Motorhead's uncompromising attitude, Newsted elaborated his plans further. "We will take over those people. When Motorhead decide to step off, our band will be ready for that by that time," he concluded. Jason then shared an interesting story from this year's Golden Gods Awards ceremony, saying that although he hasn't approached Lemmy at the event, he raised his hand with horns every time Kilmister was around, keeping it high up until Motorhead frontman was out of sight. "Why did that happen?" he asked. "Just 'cause it is. We have to [bows down]." Newsted was then thrilled by the interviewer's remark of Lemmy being the Pope, saying, "That's awesome! He is almost beyond the Pope." So do you think Jason has what it takes to take over Lemmy's position in the rock community? Let us know in the comments.
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