John Petrucci Nominated In Virtuoso Category For First Ever Prog Awards

artist: john petrucci date: 07/06/2012 category: general music news
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John Petrucci Nominated In Virtuoso Category For First Ever Prog Awards
Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci has been nominated in the Virtuoso category for the first ever Prog Awards. The Prog Awards was established by Prog Rock Magazine and will take place in London on September 5th. The Virtuoso Award goes to the "cream of the 2012 prog crop chop-wise" and will be chosen by a carefully selected council. "I am elated and thrilled to be recognized for my work," says Petrucci, adding that "everyone in Dream Theater is excited by the launch of the first Prog Awards. All the musicians who keep it progressive have to fight harder for attention, and this will honor their work while raising the level of awareness of music that is truly guided by the spirit of adventure. As always, we thank the fans who have joined us on this ride." Go to this location for details. Thanks for the report to
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