John Petrucci: 'Why I Love Opeth'

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John Petrucci: 'Why I Love Opeth'
Dream Theater's John Petrucci shared his thoughts on Swedish prog metal act Opeth, given them a lot of praises. Check out his thoughts below (via Teamrock) (also, here's Ultimate-Guitar's review for their latest effort "Pale Communion.")

"Blackwater Park" Is a Masterpiece

"I got turned onto them a while ago and I think maybe Brad Tolinski from Guitar World was like, 'You have to hear these guys!' And then I got really into them. The first album I got turned onto was 'Blackwater Park' - so that's the one that stands out for me. Sometimes it's that first record you hear that becomes your favourite one, you know? And to think of how much amazing stuff they've put out since then too!"

Next Level Musicianship

"Mikael [Akerfeldt] is an incredible writer with loads of personality and character, as well as a great voice. He's super talented and doing something really original with his band. And Fredrik [Akesson] is such an awesome guitar player! He has the whole shred thing down but with great feel, vibrato and sound. As a fan, I love that element for sure."

They Are Also Top Lads

"When you're on tour together you spend a lot of time together you know, in catering or after the show ... so it was really nice that they were so cool. We actually invited the guys to come down to the studios where we were mixing 'A Dramatic Turn of Events.' Mikael and Fredrik were the only people that heard the early mixes before the record came out. They were sat there with Andy Wallace and myself, and we cranked it to levels beyond the recommended hearing capacity ha ha!"

We Go Well Together Musically

"I think Opeth fans and Dream Theater fans have a lot in common. Whenever we've toured with them it's felt like a great pairing actually ... Such an super-talented and amazing band to watch night after night and as I mentioned before - really cool guys to hang out with."

Can you agree with Petrucci? What are your thoughts on Opeth and their latest album? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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