Kasabian: 'People Don't Have the Same Response to Guitar Bands'

artist: kasabian date: 03/26/2013 category: general music news
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Kasabian: 'People Don't Have the Same Response to Guitar Bands'
Prior to recent Royal Albert Hall performance as a part of Teenage Cancer Trust concert series, Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno discussed an interesting topic of the impact and relevance guitar music has in today's culture. The guitarist admitted things aren't quite the same as they used to be, saying that it's "hard to dominate culture" like before. "It's not so much that bands aren't important, but that people don't have the same response. It's hard to dominate culture like it used to be; I don't think it's possible anymore. It's so diluted and there are so many outlets, I don't think it can. When there used to be one music channel that would repeat the same music videos, you were bound to get into Nirvana because they were played all day, everyday. Obviously that's some of the most incredible music ever made, but it was very easy to tune in. Now the choice is a good thing, but it makes things very different," Pizzorno tells NME. The guitarist also addressed recent rumors regarding the band leaking information about The Rolling Stones performing at this year's Glastonbuty Festival. "It's hilarious. As if I've got some inside information on that?! I said it, but everyone said it. I thought everyone knew; I only read it somewhere else. I think someone just wanted to write it and used me. I don't think anyone's annoyed; I would have got a phone call by now if they were." Pizzorno made some speculations regarding the new album as well, but without revealing any solid information. The group's latest record, "Velociraptor!", saw it's release back in September 2011 via RCA/Columbia Records. Despite debuting at the top of the UK albums chart with over 90,000 copies sold, the album flopped in the US, failing to even crack the Billboard 200 chart. "Now we play these huge festivals with 60 or 70,000 people stood in front of you - that energy is so big that the music needs to be able to bring that many people together and make people move. I'm more into the people side of things, rather than worrying about things being massive on the radio. I'm looking more for the mantra and the repetitiveness and drones. There's something so powerful about that."
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