Korn Drummer Takes A Break

artist: korn date: 12/14/2006 category: general music news
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Korn Drummer Takes A Break
Korn taped a performance over the weekend for MTV's "Unplugged" series without drummer David Silveria, who's stepping away from the group for awhile. "I just need a break for right now," said Silveria in a statement, according to liveDaily.com. The group's new CD is tentatively scheduled for a June 2007 release. In related news, Korn performed an acoustic set on Saturday (December 9th) at the MTV studios in New York City for an MTV "Unplugged" special. The show will air online February 10 and on TV February 17, with the show slated to be released on CD on February 20. Evanescence singer Amy Lee and members of The Cure made guest appearances at the taping. Korn's "Unplugged" performance will be the band's second televised acoustic stint, following one on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" back in July. The group's first acoustic gig ever was recorded for AOL Sessions earlier this year. Singer Jonathan Davis told Launch that the band hardly prepared for the event. "We literally showed up two hours before we were supposed to tape," he said. "We'd never even tried to go acoustic before, and that's what came out. Honest to God. Everybody's all, 'You're lying, you guys practiced.' Nothing. We literally walked in, messed around, played the songs a couple of times, and it is what it is. And we had no idea what was gonna happen. We got in there and it just came out great."
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