Korn Drummer Wants Big-Band Jazz Track

artist: korn date: 02/28/2012 category: general music news
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Korn Drummer Wants Big-Band Jazz Track
Korn drummer Ray Luzier wants the nu-metal group to do a "big-band jazz" record. The 41-year-old stickman would be open to the band - whose latest album, "The Path Of Totality", has seen them take up a new musical direction by featuring tracks fusing electronica and metal - taking on another different style by mixing some jazz in with their sounds. When asked if Korn would record a country song, he replied: "I respect the music a lot, and I actually like some country tunes, but man, I hope not. I'd rather go for a big-band jazz Korn record than that." Ray has been inundated with fan mail from supporters of electronic music producer Skrillex - who performs on three of the band's new album tracks, including 2011 single "Get Up" - and he is enjoying being part of a group who like to "take risks" with their musical style. The drummer - who became a full-time member of Korn in 2009 - added in an interview with Azcentral.com: "You gain a lot of new fans. I'm having 16-year-old Skrillex fans writing me saying they don't know what a Korn is but they're buying the new record just because Skrillex is on it. "And then, the old diehards are saying that they didn't want to like it, but now that they've listened to it a bunch of times, they love it. "You can't please everybody, but I love to be part of a band that's not afraid to take chances and risks. I'm always about branching out and trying to experiment. "Everyone thinks electronica's going away. But it never has. It's always been around. It's just in different formats now. And it's cool to embrace it. As long as you're not faking anything." Thanks for the report to ContactMusic.com.
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