Korn Guitarist 'Head' Excited To Be Back

artist: Korn date: 01/27/2013 category: general music news
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Korn Guitarist 'Head' Excited To Be Back
Brian "Head" Welch has expressed his excitement at rejoining Korn for a series of live dates this year. Welch co-founded Korn in the early 1990s, but quit in 2005 to escape drug addiction and find God. In 2011, Korn invited him to perform with them for the first time in seven years, which you can see in the player below. Their live dates in 2013 include two appearances in Germany, one concert in the UK, and a set at Rock At The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. "It's a bit surreal because I didn't expect it to happen," said Welch of his reunion. "We have no hate for each other like some of these other bands that haven't talked in years. People grew. Everyone went to different places in life." Welch says he never expected to rejoin the band after so many years apart, but when the rumors began last may and he saw the emotional fan reaction, he knew it was the right path: "Nothing else mattered except reconciliation, brotherly love, and that family feel with the guys and the fans. People were in tears. I thought, 'This is a really good thing.' "As soon as the day hit when I felt it was right, it felt so good. I'm really excited about this year with them." Watch Brian "Head" Welch reunite with Korn at Rockingham Festival last year in this video: Are you pleased to see Korn back with their founding guitarist? Could they ever top the Billboard chart as their late 90s albums did? Share your opinion in the comments.
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