Kurt Cobain Bridge Proposal Rejected

artist: kurt cobain date: 07/29/2011 category: general music news
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Kurt Cobain Bridge Proposal Rejected
Residents of Kurt Cobain's hometown Aberdeen, WA, appear to be getting tired of memorials to the late Nirvana frontman. It was proposed that the Young Street Bridge, under which Cobain occasionally slept and famously included in the opening lyrics to "Something In The Way", would be renamed the Kurt Cobain Bridge. Unfortunately for the campaigners, Spinner report that the City Council voted 10-1 against the proposal, with eight citizens apparently attending the meeting in opposition applauding when the conclusion was reached. The group are understood to be against the bridge being renamed after a drug-using musician. But it's not a complete loss for grunge fans. A patch of land near the bridge will be named the Cobain Landing, and on the 17th anniversary of his death in April we reported on a statue erected in his memory of a Fender Jag-stang. There are other small tributes to the singer and guitarist scattered around town - the phrase "Come As You Are" appears locally in places as varied as resident's water bill.
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