Kyuss Dies, Rebrand As 'Vista Chino'

artist: Kyuss Lives date: 12/03/2012 category: general music news
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Kyuss Dies, Rebrand As 'Vista Chino'
Kyuss Lives! have re-branded themselves as Vista Chino, after a judge suggested changing their name to avoid further lawsuits. The legal wrangles for Kyuss Lives!, a modern offshoot of 90s stoner rock heroes Kyuss, began early this year when former member Josh Homme (now of Queens Of The Stone Age) claimed they were trying to steal rights to the original "Kyuss" name. Members of Kyuss Lives! accused Homme of double standards for doing the same thing with the original Kyuss name back in the 90s, but Homme pressed forward with his complaint and a legal battle ensued. In August a judge banned them from recording under any Kyuss title, and suggested that they start afresh with a new name. Under the new Vista Chino banner, the band will start performing in early 2013 at Soundwave festival in Australia. They are likely to continue performing Kyuss songs, which will earn Homme and the original songwriters a share of performance royalties. Bassist Nick Oliveri, who quit Kyuss Lives! in March, has now rejoined the new Vista Chino. Perhaps surprisingly, he will also feature on John Homme's forthcoming Queens Of The Stone Age album, for the first time since being fired from that band in 2004. Vista Chino are expected to write a new album under the new name, but are yet to confirm or announce a schedule for release. Which of the stoner rock bands are your favorite? Could Vista Chino compete with them? Let us know in the comments.
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