Lacuna Coil Singer: 'Bands Have to Tour Now More Than Ever Just to Pay Their Bills'

artist: lacuna coil date: 07/28/2014 category: general music news
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Lacuna Coil Singer: 'Bands Have to Tour Now More Than Ever Just to Pay Their Bills'
In an interview with Ghost Cult Magazine (via Blabbermouth) Lacuna Coil singer Christina Scabbia has talked about the hardships of touring.

As the singer notes, she finds being away from family and friends difficult:

"People don't see that it is a lot of hard work to [be on tour]. Being away from our families and friends for most of the year is difficult, but this is what we do. I'm not complaining about it, because I love playing live and connecting with our fans, but it's not all glamour."

She also addressed the misconception that she is a millionaire noting that touring is something that pays the bills:

"People think you are becoming a millionaire touring all the time, but bands have to tour now more than ever just to pay their bills!

"I posted a status on Facebook the other day looking for an outlet to buy something, and some girl wrote, 'Why don't you get someone to bring you that? You are a millionaire. You can afford it.'

"People seem to think you get on a couple of magazine covers and all of a sudden you are super rich, but it is really not the case. The fact that people seem to think things like that makes me want to post more on Facebook and Twitter and show people what our lives are really like. It is a luxury to have this job, but we also spend a lot of time working our asses off! That's a reason why I wrote a column for Revolver magazine, so I could show people what life was really like for bands."
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