Lady Gaga: 'I Live And Die By Iron Maiden'

artist: lady gaga date: 07/21/2011 category: general music news
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Once again, Lady Gaga has declared her love for heavy metal. Speaking to SiriusXM, Gaga talked at length about bands including Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, which you can see in the player below: "I just saw Iron Maiden on their 'Frontier' tour and it totally changed my life. It was my first Maiden experience and I just realized in that moment in the show that that was the kind of artist I wanted to be. "I didn't want people 30 years from now coming to see my show to see if I've still got it. But rather I wanted them to be fully unified, fists in the air, wanna hear every song. Iron Maiden's a lifestyle and those fans live and die by Maiden." We last reported on Gaga attending an Iron Maiden gig, where we shared a photo of the pop star posing with drummer Nicko McBrain, but now a new backstage image of Gaga with Bruce Dickinson has surfaced which you can see below. The feeling between metal and pop seems to be mutual here. Ozzy Osbourne was quoted as saying "She's very clever, very interesting. She's wacky and I like the zaniness of that woman."
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