Lady Gaga: 'Roadie' For Iron Maiden

artist: lady gaga date: 04/22/2011 category: general music news
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Lady Gaga: 'Roadie' For Iron Maiden
According to, pop superstar Lady Gaga is such a huge fan of British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden that she helped the band backstage during their Florida tour stop. The singer appointed herself an unofficial roadie for a couple of dates of Iron Maiden's "The Final Frontier" world tour, helping out on the tour bus with chores such as ironing and serving drinks. "It's a side to Gaga we've never seen. She is a massive Iron Maiden fan and was willing to be at their beck and call, just to hang out with her idols", a source told "She was humming along to their hit 'The Number Of The Beast' while carrying out her chores. And after all her hard work backstage she was rewarded with some drinking games." A photo of Lady Gaga hanging out with IRON MAIDEN drummer Nicko McBrain backstage at the MAIDEN concert in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, April 17 have been posted on her Twitter profile with a caption that simply said "Sexy Beast. 666". Lady Gaga is recently appeared in photos with Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Alice Cooper. For her 666th tweet, Lady Gaga wrote the following message on April 10: "The Number of the Beast. Having' beers listening to Maiden w the New York Boys. Happy 666 Twitterland." During Gaga's February 5, 2010 appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, Seacrest played the singer an excerpt from an interview he conducted with Ozzy Osbourne in which the Black Sabbath frontman said of Gaga, "She's very clever, very interesting. She's wacky and I like the zaniness of that woman." According to, this news pleased Gaga to no end. "Are you kidding? I'm the biggest Black Sabbath fan on Earth!" She even told Seacrest a story about how when she was a go-go dancer, one of her show-stopping numbers was to the Sabbath tune "Black Sabbath". Lady Gaga reveals her two favorite songs to dance to: Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" and Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills". Thanks for the report to
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