Lemmy Praises Deep Purple's Jon Lord, Blasts Twitter

artist: Motörhead date: 08/04/2012 category: general music news
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Lemmy Praises Deep Purple's Jon Lord, Blasts Twitter
Legendary rocker Lemmy Kilmister has never been one to mince words at any point in his 40-plus years of making music, so why should he be concerned what people think of him now? In a recent interview with the Boston Phoenix, the Motorhead front man says he can't be bothered immersing himself in social media, saying "I don't do those things, because I have enough hassle keeping up with what we've got without it, sitting on my ass doing 10 to 20 hours of that every day, twitting all my friends. Twitter? Not in my lexicon, sorry. I don't Twitter, man." In the interview, Kilmister also speaks fondly of Deep Purple member Jon Lord, who passed away last month. "It's just a shame, because Jon Lord was to a large extent responsible for me being in rock and roll." Kilmister goes on to explain that a random act of kindness from the keyboardist convinced him to relocate to London, where his career eventually took off. The bassist also revealed that he had the opportunity to spend time with Lord as recently as last year. "I saw him late last year in a hotel in Germany in Cologne. He was over there doing some orchestral stuff, and we talked in the bar for awhile... I'm glad I saw him, since he's since departed." Kilmister also takes the opportunity to wax philosophical on the life he has been blessed to lead. At 66 years old, Lemmy's days might be numbered, however he is not letting that stand in the way of making the best of the time he has remaining: "It's the best job in the world. I get to fly all around the world, sleep with women of all colors, sizes, and persuasions - and religious persuasions and make people happier than they were when they got there. What better job is there than that?"
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