Lostprophets: 'The World Needs Us Because There's No Good Guitar Music'

artist: lostprophets date: 01/10/2012 category: general music news
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Lostprophets: 'The World Needs Us Because There's No Good Guitar Music'
Lostprophets have joined in with claims that rock is dead - but think their new album "Weapons" will remedy that. According to singer Ian Watkins, the lack of good guitar music was the main inspiration behind their newly announced album. "That's why we started," he told Zane Lowe at BBC Radio 1 (via NME). "It was like, 'Why is no-one making decent music? We'll have to do it ourselves'." He added: "It's been nice to have a break but I think what's out at the moment is very saturated now, it's reaching the point where you're like 'enough'. "It's kind of the same thing [now], I'm fuelled by healthy competition. That's why we're coming back. The world needs us." His arrogant claims come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the band in their early years, though we can't knock down their commitment to the genre. Watkin's claims that rock is dead are yet another in a long line of pessimistic quotes from major rock acts. It was only yesterday that Noel Gallagher joined the ranks of Kasabian and others to bemoan their genre. However, todays news that At The Drive-In and Refused are reforming, and new albums from the likes of Black Sabbath and Van Halen, suggests that energetic live rock is here to stay. Lostprophets released a free download of their new track "Better Off Dead" through their official Facebook page. The new album will be released through Epic Records on April 2. Meanwhile, former drummer Ilan Rubin has seen his own success in the US after stints with Nine Inch Nails and now Angels And Airwaves.
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