Machine Head's Robb Flynn Weighs In On Slayer Drama

artist: Machine Head date: 03/14/2013 category: general music news
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Machine Head's Robb Flynn Weighs In On Slayer Drama
Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has thrown in his two cents to the recent Slayer drama, where drummer Dave Lombardo was booted from the band only two days before a major Australian tour. Flynn is positive that Lombardo will return to the lineup once they patch up their differences: "Being in a band is hard - much harder than anybody realizes, especially after all that time," he told Metal Sucks. "It's a lot more fragile than people want to believe." "This is the third time he's quit, I'm sure he'll be back at some point. I wish both parties the best," he added. "Dave is a great dude, amazing drummer, and Slayer are one of the greatest bands in history, thrash or otherwise." Flynn has a history with Slayer as both a metal fan and a touring artist. In 2008, he wrote that there would probably be no Machine Head without Slayer. "Even before we toured with them, I had seen Slayer more times than any other band in my life," he wrote (via Blabbermouth). "My friends and I lived and breathed Slayer, and Phil [Demmel, guitar], Adam [Duce, bass], and I all shared many pre-machine Head moments worshipping Slayer, whether it was driving across country listening to 'Seasons' on the first VIO-LENCE tour, or driving all over California as friends for hours to follow the band around." In other Machine Head news, Flynn recently revealed the emotional impact of firing Machine Head bassist Adam Duce has left him crying ever since. "I've been an emotional wreck," he said. "It sucks for everyone who tried to save this."
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