Man Convicted Of Killing Mother Over Avril Lavigne Tickets

artist: avril lavigne date: 09/30/2011 category: general music news
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Man Convicted Of Killing Mother Over Avril Lavigne Tickets
An Illinois man, Robert Lyons, 39, has been convicted of the first degree murder of his mother which took place after he got into a dispute with her over tickets to an Avril Lavigne concert in March of 2008. His mother Linda Bolek refused to ask her friend to see if Lyons could get skybox tickets to see Avril. Lyons twice slammed Bolek across the head with a cognac bottle, then stabbed her nine times in the back after she fell to the kitchen floor an attack so violent the knife blade snapped off in her body, prosecutors told jurors hearing the case. Another knife he used in the slaying bent because he struck the 5-foot-2 Bolek so powerfully, prosecutors said. Afterward, Lyons threw Drano and other household cleaning chemicals on her body "to humiliate her," then went shopping, Asst. State's Atty. Joe Lindt said. Lyons was arrested later that night at a Hooters restaurant in Schaumburg. His defense attorneys argued that his mother threatened him with the knife and he killed her unintentionally. He faces up to life in prison. Thanks for the report to Rock NYC and Fox News.
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