Marilyn Manson On Lady Gaga: 'I Have A Hard Time Liking Her Music'

artist: Marilyn Manson date: 07/19/2012 category: general music news
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Marilyn Manson On Lady Gaga: 'I Have A Hard Time Liking Her Music'
Marilyn Manson has given his opinion of Lady Gaga and has said that though he admires her, he "has a hard time liking her music". The singer, who collaborated with Lady Gaga on a remix of her 2009 single "Love Game", said that he wasn't keen on her musical output, though he did quite like Kylie Minogue and Justin Timberlake. Asked what he thought of Lady Gaga, he told Digital Spy: "I like the general idea of what she's about. I have a hard time liking her music. It's not my style of music that I like, and I like a lot of music that is in that vein. I like Kylie Minogue sometimes - I like a lot of unusual stuff, I like Justin Timberlake over Lady GaGa, just musically." Manson then added that he thought having someone like Lady Gaga in pop music was a good thing, but that he thought she tried too hard to keep people's attention with her constantly changing look. He added: "I get the whole idea of what she's doing and I appreciate that. I don't think it's a bad thing, I think it's a good thing. At the same time, I don't try to have a different look every single moment because I think it's more ephemeral, it becomes less permanent." He continued: "People like to identify with one single thing. I'm not one to knock her, she's obviously succeeded in what she's doing. It's not exactly the type of thing that I find myself listening to, but that doesn't mean I don't like her." Marilyn Manson will return to the UK in October for a joint arena tour with Rob Zombie. The self-proclaimed "God Of Fuck" and the former White Zombie singer will join forces for four UK arena shows, kicking off in London on November 26, with the venue still to be confirmed. They will then play Manchester Arena on November 27, Glasgow SECC on November 28 and finally Birmingham's National Indoor Arena on November 29. Manson is touring in support of his eighth studio album "Born Villain", which was released in May of this year. Thanks to NME for the report.
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