Massive Attack: 'We Have an Album of New Music'

artist: Massive Attack date: 07/02/2014 category: general music news
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Massive Attack: 'We Have an Album of New Music'
Massive Attack have spoken out about progress on long-awaited new material, following on their incredible and show-stopping headline set at Glastonbury Festival this weekend.

Speaking to Gigwise before they took to the Other Stage to close the festival on Sunday night, the band said that they were progressing well with their sixth studio album - their first since 2010's "Heligoland."

"To be honest there's a whole album of new material sitting in a studio at the moment which isn't finished and hasn't been played at all yet," said Rob Del Naja, known to fans as 3D. "There's one track I've done with Tricky ... but I've gotta play it live with him really, and that's not ready for this tour yet as it would have just been a bit haphazard to throw it in there for these shows."

He continued: "At the moment I'm thinking that on this record we've been concentrating on songs and the inspirations for them. Working with Adam [Curtis] last year saw us hear a lot of old pop songs which I guess made us look at things in a different way.

"We've always worked under a DJ-based ideology incorporating the beats and rhythms first, so what we've been doing is just straight up songs and melodies, now whether that will fit into the history of the band, I don't know, but it's a different approach so it's interesting to see how successful that will be."

Massive Attack have a run of European summer live dates, including headlining appearances at Longitude Festival in Ireland and Blackheath Festival in London.
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