Meshuggah Guitarist's 'Wolfenstein' Video Game Track Available for Download

artist: meshuggah date: 05/20/2014 category: general music news
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Meshuggah Guitarist's 'Wolfenstein' Video Game Track Available for Download
A free download of Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal's contribution to the upcoming video game "Wolfenstein: The New Order" can be accessed here, PRP reports.

The track is titled "Herr Faust" and features in the multi-platform game, which is due for release today (May 20th).

Messhuggah's last studio album, titled "Koloss," was released on March 23rd, 2012. The band also released a free two-track EP, titled "Pitch Black" on February 5th 2013.

There is no word yet as to whether actor Leonardo DiCaprio will join the band onstage at an upcoming show. A petition appeared on MetalSucks calling for DiCaprio to join the band after a video titled "Meshuggah Face of Wall Street," synching DiCaprio's scenes from "Wolf of Wall Street" to the band's music, went viral. As the website noted at the time: "DiCaprio needs to fully embrace his newly found importance in the metal scene by joining Meshuggah on stage for at least one song. He must wear a suit, and everyone in the crowd must pound their chests."

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