Mushroomhead 'Would Love' Slipknot Tour

artist: mushroomhead date: 07/16/2014 category: general music news
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Mushroomhead 'Would Love' Slipknot Tour
Mushroomhead's Jason Popson says the band are keen to do a special mask and make-up tour with Slipknot, Mudvayne and GWAR,  Metal Hammer reports.

His thoughts come on the back of Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor's comments that he would be interested in bringing the artists together for a one-off tour.

Popson tells "I would love for that to happen - we would love to be a part of anything with them. Years ago, I met Slipknot's Sid Wilson and Paul Gray and we talked about it - we actually laughed about it.

"A lot of the media has created some type of friction or feud between us and it's all misguided. We've always respected that band and I think they're phenomenal players. I would love to play with them - I would love the opportunity."

Speaking about the possible four-band tour, Slipknot's Taylor says: "It probably won't happen right away, just because Slipknot's been gone for a while, we have all these changes, and we've a new album coming out. We want to kinda take the first six or seven months and re-establish ourselves."

Slipknot are currently working on a new album which has a tentative release date of late 2014. It will be their first recording since 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" and the first since the death of bassist and founding member Paul Gray in 2010.
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