New Jimi Hendrix Song 'Earth Blues'

artist: jimi hendrix date: 02/19/2013 category: general music news
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New Jimi Hendrix Song 'Earth Blues'
A new song from the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix album "People, Hell & Angels" has been released online. "Earth Blues", which you can hear below, is the opening track to the album which is available digitally in early March. It will see a physical release on April 1. All 12 tracks on the album were recorded between 1968 and 1970 as potential tracks on "First Days Of The New Rising Sun", the successor to his album "Electric Ladyland". Jimi's original producer Eddie Kramer, who recorded all of his albums and several live concerts including his classic Woodstock set, helped oversee the release of this new record. Eagle-eyed Hendrix fans may already have several of these songs on other releases. The only really new songs are "Let Me Move You" and "Inside Out", though the latter is an early version the better-known "Ezy Ryder". Listen to "Earth Blues" by Jimi Hendrix here:
Tracklist for "People, Hell & Angels": 01. Earth Blues 02. Somewhere 03. Hear My Train A Comin 04. Bleeding Heart 05. Let Me Move You 06. Izabella 07. Easy Blues 08. Crash Landing 09. Inside Out 10. Hey Gypsy Boy 11. Mojo Man 12. Villanova Junction Blues
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