New Machine Head Album Cover and Title Are Ready, Robb Flynn Confirms

artist: machine head date: 07/02/2014 category: general music news
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New Machine Head Album Cover and Title Are Ready, Robb Flynn Confirms
Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has recently shared an update on the band's new record, confirming that the front cover and the album title are ready to go.

"[Album cover] is done! And album title too! We'll probably make an announcement soon enough, but we are really freakin' stoked with it!" he shouted in his latest journal entry.

"Been working with a new artist named Marcelo Vasco. We got turned on to Marcelo's work through Gerardo at Nuclear Blast and let me tell you ... this kid has delivered some f--king glory! He took updated MH 'Lion Crest' that Rafal Wechterowicz (we call him Raf for short) had designed with us, and added this whole other dark trip to it," he continued.

"We've decided to base the album package off of an old Alchemy book, with aged, sepia-toned pages on the insides, alchemy wood-cuts."

Discussing the deluxe package, the frontman seemed very pleased about the new deal with Nuclear Blast records, neatly summing it up with "This s--t is ridiculous!"

Finally, Robb added that he's "f--king stok-ed to get back out there and play for the Head Cases of America again." He also shared a photo of himself "doing push-ups on the water, er, uh, falling off the wakesurf, er, uh, whatever funny caption you guys can make!" Check it out below.

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