New Serious Shred Guitar Instruction Series Launched By Alfred

artist: Alfred Music Publishing date: 03/27/2012 category: general music news
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New Serious Shred Guitar Instruction Series Launched By Alfred
Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, launches the Serious Shred series, a new guitar series that helps shred guitarists to play like the pros, with lessons and video demonstrations from bona fide shred virtuosos German Schauss, Tobias Hurwitz, Jared Meeker, Glenn Riley, and Dave Martone. The Serious Shred series is geared for guitarists who admire the combination of killer shredding technique with exciting musical ideas. Each book in the series features lessons from renowned shredders and educators, and includes licks and examples in both standard notation and TABall combined in a book and DVD package for an in-depth multimedia learning experience. Watch the official Serious Shred series trailer here: German Schauss's Serious Shred: Advanced Techniques features shred maestro German Schauss teaching advanced lessons on whammy bar technique, speed picking, sweeping, tapping, modal interchange, exotic scales, and phrasing. With exercises to improve sense of time, right-hand technique, and left-hand prowess, guitarists are taught how to transfer the music from the mind onto the fingers. Tobias Hurwitz's Serious Shred: Advanced Chords shares advanced lessons on chord progressions, covering concepts such as root-4 voicings, altered dominant chords, extended intervals beyond the octave, and more. Hurwitz will take your technique and soloing chops to new altitudes with his easy-to-understand demonstrations of these advanced concepts. In Jared Meeker's Serious Shred: Essential Concepts, accomplished shredder Jared Meeker shares basic lessons on right-hand technique, phrase construction, rhythms, improvising, and playing patterns. Technique and solo chops of advancing guitarists are challenged to reach next-level playing with new concepts like expanded fingerings, how to use scales and modes in a musical context, fingerstyle playing, strumming, and more. Glenn Riley's Serious Shred: Essential Techniques features renowned guitarist and educator Glenn Riley teaching the essential elements to becoming a great shredder. Riley shares techniques like bending, vibrato, tremolo, tapping, pinch harmonics, sweep picking, legato playing, fingerstyle, and more. Riley guides guitarist in a fast yet easy-to-understand method to create a foundation for masterful shred playing. Dave Martone's Serious Shred: Advanced Scales contains the essential scales that lead to broader a vocabulary and improved playing using boxes (or shapes), formulas, and patterns. Learn about connecting boxes, modes, blues scales, modal interchange, three-string patterns, and creative ways to use pentatonic scales. Martone provides exercises that span the entire fretboard for every scale covered. As part of Alfred's ongoing commitment to improving the environment, the method books are printed on 100% recycled paper. The Book & DVD sets in the Serious Shred series are now available for $16.99 each at music retail stores and at
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