NFL Players Talk Game Day Music, Prefer Pantera, Clapton, Journey

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NFL Players Talk Game Day Music, Prefer Pantera, Clapton, Journey
As February 2 Super Bowl is steadily approaching, several prominent former and current NFL players sat down with Fuse to name their favorite game day tunes.

Green Bay Packers linebacker AJ Hawk stood out as the biggest fan of guitar sound, singling out such "crazy rockers" as Pantera, Dave Matthews Band and Journey. "I think any place you're at, if you play Journey, people are gonna start singing, playing air guitar, they're gonna be ready," AJ said.

Torry Holt, Ben Utecht and Jordan Palmer also shared their picks, including Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, U2, the Killers, as well as major rap figures like Eminem and Jay-Z. This year's halftime show headliner Bruno Mars was also brought up. Check out the clip below for more details.

In related news, prominent metal musicians gave their thoughts on the big Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks game, sharing expectations about who's going to take home the title.

"Dude, I know my football," Phil Anselmo growled at Loudwire. "I LOVE my football. you wanna talk defenses? I know the 3-4. I know the 4-4. The 5-2. The 5-3. I know 'em ALL. I grew up with football and it's a big part of my life."

Naming his favorites, Phil continued: "And so here's the deal. This is what I'm saying. Listen to me. I'm picking Denver. I've always said, if Denver advances to the final, it is Seattle's worst nightmare, because of that hurry-up offense. I don't see how the secondary can shut down Peyton Manning's attack. Not gonna happen. Peyton is playing out of his mind and he is a true leader. It is Denver, all the way."

Anselmo's former Pantera bandmate Rex Brown agreed, also praising Manning's performance this year. David Ellefson of Megadeth wasn't as certain, saying the game could go both ways. "Me, I think I would flip a coin on this one," he said. "Being from Phoenix, I'm a big Cardinals fan. But I grew up in Minnesota, so my heart will always be with the Vikings. But the way this game is shaping up, I'm calling it right down the middle. Two very strong teams playing at very high levels. It can go either way."

But it was Mike Portnoy who had the most rock 'n' roll response, saying, "Honestly man, I don't care who wins. Me, I'm pulling for the Red Hot Chili Peppers."

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments.

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