Nickelback: Still The Underdogs?

artist: nickelback date: 12/04/2008 category: general music news
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It's hard to call a band like Nickelback "underdogs" when they've sold over 25 million records and had a dozen hit singles, but that "us against the world" attitude is one that the band tries to maintain at all times. It is part of what keeps them motivated, and it's also the reason they called their new album Dark Horse. Dark Horse debuted at #2 on the sales chart last week and sits at #7 this week, selling over 500,000 and going Gold in two weeks. But despite this success, many critics and bloggers still love to hate the Canadian group. "It just came up, this phrase, you know 'dark horse,'" frontman Chad Kroeger told MTV News. "It was like the underdog, and I always liked the underdog. There was just something about it, like, 'Always bet on the underdog,' so there you have it." He added, "We just do it the way bands used to do it. We didn't adhere to it, we just did it. Record. Album. Go on the road. Stay on the road forever, until everyone is sick of that album. Go back to the studio and make a new album. Go on the road. That's it. We want to go back to all those towns and have those people show up and want to sing rock-and-roll songs twice as loud back at us as we are singing it to them, and that's why we keep doing what we're doing. This is a good gig. It's a lot of fun. It's every young kid's dream." In February, Nickelback will launch another globe-spanning tour with Seether and Saving Abel in tow. The trek starts on February 25 in Nashville and is currently scheduled to run through April 23 in Columbia, SC. Thanks for the report to
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